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What is Divine Spaces?

Divine Spaces is an online platform and marketplace for people to list, discover and book one-of-a-kind venues for events. We connect people with event spaces to create a wide variety of event experiences. It is a one stop shop for anyone planning a party, photo or film shoot, art exhibitions, company offsite or any other type of event.

How much does it cost to list my space on Divine Spaces?

Listing your spaces on Divine Spaces is always free. Divine Spaces only charges a commission fee of 5% to the Guest and the Host when a space is booked. 

How does Divine Spaces work for non-profits with event spaces that they'd like to list?

Divine Spaces is always offers discounts for non-profits who chose to use our platform. For more information about this program please contact us at 

How does Divine Spaces work for space owners?

Space owners can sign up by entering some basic information about the space, its location, and their contact info. They can also add more information about the space, upload pictures, and select the types of events that are welcome in their space. After being approved by the Divine Spaces team, event organizers can contacts a space owner, they can reply with further information about availability and prices and book spaces for events. The space owner is responsible for making sure the space is use-ready before every event. Divine Spaces will handle payment processing, and all other backend details to ensure a safe and secure exchange all around.

How is Divine Spaces different from other platforms?

Unlike other online event platforms, Divine Spaces curates its spaces. That is, all spaces are reviewed by the Divine Spaces team, ensuring only genuinely unique spaces end up on the platform.